Monday, July 1, 2013

A trip with my Aunt and cousin

Whenever I find things boring and uninteresting my relatives would make me see things from a different perspective not forcefully or intentionally. To see the place from their eyes and angles, things became so much more beautiful. Even though now the dreadful feeling of the dull boredom is back, the feeling that I experienced was amazing. I guess what I'm trying to say that sometimes things may look this way from our angle but from theirs it's an entirely different perspective. I don't like losing this happy feeling. 


 The trip was amazing and it was a sight to behold however the rainbows and sunshines are over. Now its time to head back to reality. Right now I am thinking between going to the US, UK or back to Hong Kong to study Business of Fashion and it isn't going too well. I can't believe I'm cracking my head over this. Well, eventually I will figure out something.

Love and kisses,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Masquerade and unconventional fashion

Masquerades, the swirling of dresses and the river of beautifully and intricately designed masks. Everyone there hides behind a mask, some for a good reason while some for a slightly more sinister reason. I love masquerades at least for me personally, I think it's really fun dancing with other people especially when you don't know who they are. So I was on the web looking for some pictures and I found some really amazing avant garde and unconventional dresses which are so pretty! Oh! As well as  masks. Prepare yourselves for a whole lot of Alexander McQueen, Lady gaga and especially Anna Dello Russo. PS* I wish I own her closet! All the gorgeous clothing in there! I would just toss roll in all of those clothes! Gosh. I need new clothes in my closet soon.

This is my absolute favourite! The mask is divine!

That's all for today, I really love all of the clothes up there and I wish I had them but the time isn't now. Eventually I would get to wear nice clothes too! 

Love and kisses,  

*The pictures do not belong to me.